Water Tanks & Storage

Plastic Water Tank

Polythene Water Tanks

Polythene water tanks offer a flexible and cost-effective water storage solution. We offer sizes from 300-30,000 Ltrs capacity, in a range of colours to compliment your existing environment. 

Polythene water tanks offer the following benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly material

  • Polythene minimises algae growth

  • A wide range of sizes available to suit your needs, including options for urban storage.

  • A range of colours to suit your environment.

  • UV resistant material

  • Non-toxic, food grade polythene.


Concrete Water Tanks
Stainless Steel Water Tank
Wooden Water Tank

Concrete Water Tanks

Above & below ground concrete water tanks in a range of sizes to suit most applications. A popular and long lasting water storage choice.

Concrete water tanks offer the following benefits:

  • Extremely strong

  • Long lasting

  • Some models may be completely buried, even in high traffic areas.

  • Well insulated to provide a more constant water temperature.

  • UV stable.

  • Increased pH levels, which may be beneficial in some circumstances.

Stainless Steel Water Tanks

Stainless steel water tanks; available in a range of shapes & sizes, including 'slimline'. They are a stylish & long lasting water storage solution for urban & rural environments.

Stainless Steel water tanks offer the following benefits:

  • Excellent for restricted spaces

  • Sleek & stylish

  • Long lasting

  • Marine grade stainless steel

  • Corrosion resistant

  • UV stable.

Wooden Water Tanks

Wooden water tanks are available up to the largest sizes and offer and an extremely low environmental impact water storage solution. The attractive wooden exterior complements the natural environment.

Wooden water tanks offer the following benefits:

  • Custom Sizes, including industrial capacity reservoirs and tanks.

  • Low environmental impact

  • Natural wooden exterior

  • Assembled onsite, beneficial for hard to access sites

  • Treated timber exterior for longevity. 

  • Can be stained to match exisiting timbers.