The RainAid® valve is designed to be connected to the mains water supply on a rainwater collection tank. It will provide a backup supply of water in the event of demand exceeding rain supply.



  • Under normal conditions, rainwater will fill the tank. If the rainwater level drops below a pre-set level, the RainAid® valve will open to maintain the water level using the mains water supply.

  • The rainwater tank is used to supply water to non potable outlets such as the toilets, laundry and garden. There is a 100mm (4”) differential between the open and closed positions of the RainAid® Valve.



  • Adjustable water levels save electricity & increase pump life

  • Full on, full off

  • No float switches - no power required (pump requires pressure or

    flow switch)

  • Comes with long tail, removing need for tank fittings on thin walled


  • Fully serviceable



Working Pressure: 55 - 1200 kPa (8 - 175 psi).

Temperature Range: 1°C - 60°C (34°F - 140°F)

  • 20mm(3⁄4”) SIZE

RainAid Valve