BIANCO High Head Submersible Clean Water Pump

Designed for AWTS and rainwater tanks. Ideal for dewatering of cellars and garages. Can pump clean or slightly dirty water.


  • Slotted strainer
  • Built in 83mm pump riser



  • Improves water flow and stops the strainer blocking
  • Draws water at higher oxygen levels
  • Reduces anaerobic intake



  • Eliminates pump failures due to blocked strainers
  • Improves water quality by reducing the intake of algae and anaerobic matter which makes the water smell bad and discolour clothing


0.55kW, 0.75hp, 240V, max hd 32m, max flow 105L/m, discharge outlet size1" BSPF, solids up to 3mm. Dual mechanical seals (carbon ceramic on pump side and silicon carbide/ceramic in oil bath on motor side)

5 Star Energy Rating

Bianco B42

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