Why a Subscription?


Our Filtration Media Subscriptions offer an easy way to manage the costs of annual media replacement.


You will receive your first set of media STRAIGHT AWAY and your second set after 12 months, with manageable monthly payments, split over 24 months. 


Make your first monthly payment up front, with no added charges or interest and we'll send you filter media straight to you. Your second set of media will be sent after 12 months (the recommended duration between media and UV lamp changes). 


Our subscriptions are interest and fee free, we offer them as an optional service to reduce financial pressure and to help our clients maintain a regular maintenance schedule.

A filter system is only as good as its media, regular maintenance and quality filter media ensure ongoing, clean, healthy water and reduced wear and tear on equipment.  



Terms & Conditions



This is a simple, no hidden costs way of managing your filter media replacement schedule.


Plans are for 24 months and you may renew after this time, subscriptions will not automatically renew.


By choosing a subscription you are agreeing to pay the supplier, Water Tank Solutions Ltd, the full cost of the goods supplied. Agreed payments will be deducted monthly from your nominated account in 24 equal instalments.


You may cancel your plan at any time, however, payments will continue until items received are paid for in full.


If you choose to cancel your subscription after receiving your delivery, you may cancel within 14 days, PROVIDED that items are returned at your own expense and in their original unused condition.


If you cancel your subscription before the end of the first year, you will not be sent the second set of media and will not be charged for it. 


If you wish to cease monthly payments, but still have payments outstanding, you may pay the amount due in full at any time with no penalty or additional charges. 


Overdue payments may incur recovery costs.


It is your responsibility to inform us if you have a change of details or address.


20% Discount is valid for the duration of your subscription and limited to filter parts and accessories only. 


The subscription covers the cost of two deliveries to a single address. Additional deliveries may incur extra charges. 


Subscriptions are only available for mainland New Zealand- North & South Island. If you require delivery to a different location, please contact us for a quote.